In The Aftermath, a collection of songs by Eddie Appnel

I launched my project a few days ago, and, so far so good ! Interested parties can participate by pledging as little as $1.00. I certainly wouldn’t expect EVERYONE who knows me to pledge, but I am asking a small favor from my friends and fans. Just, PLEASE, check out my project video, and share the link on your FB pages. I will be forever in your debt !

Please click the link below to view my KickStarter project.


Eddie Appnel


  1. Jack Cherochak says:

    When I sponsored, I believed it was the right thing to do. When I heard the finished product…I knew I made the correct decision.
    Eddie is a fabulously talented man that I know personally. He was worth the investment.
    I can’t wait to help produce his next effort.

    J Cherochak

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