Eddie Appnel The Beginning
From 1990-2001, Eddie Appnel was the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist for the Pittston-based original rock phenom that was Mere Mortals. Throughout it’s existence, Mere Mortals released three full-length CDs, an EP and two full-scale music videos. The song “Unreal” from the “Mondegreen Dream” album (1999), was played thousands of times on local and national radio. To date, “Mondegreen Dream” has sold upwards of 5,000 copies..

As well as performing hundreds of successful shows throughout Pennsylvania, the band also attracted a loyal following in New York City, North Carolina, and Florida. A brief stint in Las Vegas and Los Angeles culminated a wildly successful headlining slot at the legendary Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Hollywood in 2000.

In the midst of recording what would have been Mere Mortals fourth album, Appnel left the group due to musical and personal differences

Eddie Appnel In The Aftermath

Eddie decided to focus on songwriting. Billy McDow, an accomplished songwriter from Columbia, Missouri, introduced Appnel to music publishers Camilla and Daniel Kliendienst of Banner Music based in Nashville, Tennessee.

After hearing the songs Eddie had written during his days with Mere Mortals, eleven songs were immediately signed to Banner Music Publishing.  It wasn’t very long before Banner had placed three songs in an independent film called “Yard Sale”.  Another song that Appnel wrote called “Circles” was picked up by “No Justice”  from Oklahoma.  It was recorded on their eponymous album “No Justice” which sold over 10,000 copies to date.

Still enjoying live performances, Eddie played several shows locally.  The highlights of which were a live-radio tribute to John Lennon which he played with Mere Mortals guitarist Pat Flynn as well as an opening slot for international recording artists “Dakota” at the Staircase in Pittston, PA.

In 2009, Camilla introduced Eddie to a prolific song writer named Derek Toomey from Atlanta, GA.  The chemistry between the two soon became apparent.   This lead Appnel to consider the possibility of releasing a solo album.  Though it is still a work in progress, six songs slated for this release have already been published for commercial use by Banner Music.  The release of “In The Aftermath” can be expected by the end of 2011.  Work is under way at “Saturation Acres” studio in Dupont, PA under the production and guidance of Bret Alexander of “The Badlees“. For song writer Eddie Appnel, the future “In The Aftermath” is looking bright.